the fragrance of humility


Through this whole whirlwind of baby life i have had constant support. It has been an amazing experience to be cared for – from people doing the pile of dishes, folding my laundry, back rubs, holding my screaming child, just spending time with me when i need company and many other things. Through allowing people to help me i have realised my need to relinquish control, admit i need support and be humble in allowing people to fill my needs. This has been difficult for me because i am often the one doing the serving and supporting of others. I have learnt much letting go and being vulnerable in this time, but most of all i have learnt to be humble.

I have been reminded of a story in the bible, where a woman washes Jesus feet  (if you are unfamiliar with this story you can check it out here) I have heard many aspects of this story highlighted before – the attitude of the pharisees, the perfume’s significance for burial etc but reading it again recently, something new was revealed to me.The part that struck me is the fact that Jesus accepted her offer to wash his feet with perfume – not because it was necessary, not because he needed it or wanted it but because allowing this woman to serve him was healing for her. Her humble act and Jesus own humility allowed her to be forgiven, to be free, to be whole.  It was about her. It was about the relationship.

Jesus is often called the “servant King” because of his actions that help, heal and teach others. After reading this passage though i also think he is the “servant King” because of his willingness to humble himself, to let others serve him so that he can foster and build a relationship with them.

I realised that all of that letting go of control and allowing people in to my life to help  was a  growing exerience for me….but also for the people serving me. Those who have helped me in this time have laughed with me, drank tea with me, shared advice and stories. They have also seen me in tears, in pain, my messy house, me naked! If that doesn’t build a relationship i don’t know what does!  Humility has allowed those relationships to grow in my time of need. I am blessed by those who serve me and they are blessed by helping me. Its a win-win. I hope i have time in the future to serve others again, for now, i am grateful to be served!


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